18 August 2006

Living large in San Miguel de Allende

I recently spent eight days in San Miguel de Allende compliments of Simply San Miguel, a business run by two good friends, Linda Lowery Keep and Camie Sands, who invited a group of journalists to get to know the city. Every thing was first rate, especially the Casa de Aves, a newly-opened resort in a bucolic setting outside of San Miguel. The mask collection in Casa de la Cuesta is second to none - except maybe the Pedro Coronel Museum in Zacatecas. And Berlin, a restaurant/bar run by German expatriates, has one of the best atmospheres - sort of a funky/chill vibe - I've encountered.

San Miguel de Allende obviously attracts many Americans - especially Texans around this time of year - but underneath the expatriate veneer the authentic Mexico with its tianguis, festivals and fireworks is easily indulged. Still, vendors in San Miguel de Allende hawk asparagus, which speaks volumes about the place and the type of people passing through.

For potential residents, Simply San Miguel puts together lifestyle tours that go beyond seeing the central jardin and stuff listed in Fodor's. Like promised, it goes behind closed doors and dishes up an authentic taste of what living in Mexico is like. And for those ready to move south, they know all the people who can make it happen seamlessly.

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