01 January 2007

Great - and artful - coffee in San Miguel de Allende

Great coffee in San Miguel de Allende

Adam, the owner of CAFE on Calle Correo in San Miguel de Allende, shows off one of his specialty lattes with an artful leaf design poured into the foam. The five-month-old cafe, which is also site of Adam's art studio, serves pretty much nothing but coffee, which is made the right way from properly-roasted Oaxaca beans. As Adam, a native of Montreal, put it: "I just couldn't stand the other places," when asked why he started his business.

Making coffee right means doing things other coffee shops neglect. He grinds the beans right before making a cup of coffee as the oil in coffee is highly perishablele and will go rancid shortly after being ground. The water is heated to 90 degrees Celsius as boiling water "scalds the coffee." Adam also adjusts the coffee grind several times throughout the day, depending on the temperature and humidity in the store. Milk is also important; he uses whole milk from the Santa Clara ice cream stores since it creates a thicker, more pourable foam. Being an artist, he then fashions a design in the foam by quickly flicking his wrist.

If you're in San Miguel, check out CAFE. You won't go anywhere else after trying it.

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Anonymous said...

hands down the best cappucino in San Miguel by a loooonnnnngg shot!!!