22 March 2007



EduCanada passed through Guadalajara once again last month as Canadian language schools, universities and school districts pitched their programs and the country to Mexicans, who generally have favorable views of Canada.

Somewhat surprisingly, attendance bounced back this year after dipping in 2006, a phenomenon attributed by organizers to the outcome of last July's presidential election. One school district supervisor said he saw no lack of interest last year, but virtually everyone sending a child north - perhaps spooked by the prospect of a PRD victory - insisted on paying upfront.

Politics aside, Canada remains by far the most popular destination for Mexicans wanting to learn English. The Canadian government accommodates them by not demanding a visa for either entering the country or studying for up to six months. Students in some thinly-populated provinces can stay after completing their courses - and eventually gain residency.

The Miami Herald Mexico Edition ran my dispatch on this year's EduCanada in the Monday edition: http://www.mexiconews.com.mx/23842.html

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