24 February 2007

Mexican firefighers to help resolve labor crunch in Alberta


The Alberta and Jalisco governments signed a twinning agreement in the late 1990s that originally concentrated on agriculture, but later grew to include education and business links. The two jurisdictions are now cooperating on fighting forest fires as the Alberta government will help establish a training center in the Primavera Forest just west of Guadalajara. The Mexicans trained at the center will eventually make their way north to battle blazes in Alberta during manpower shortages, which are forecast due to the province's red-hot economy. With fire season in Jalisco about to start and Alberta's beginning in the late spring - just as the rainy season arrives in Mexico - the arrangement should work well.

I recently wrote on this for the Miami Herald Mexico Edition: http://www.mexiconews.com.mx/23530.html

As an aside, no Alberta publication to my knowledge has bothered to report on this arrangement ... good news stories out of Mexico unfortunately don't fit anyone's news agenda these days.


Anonymous said...

Surely CBC Eyeopener or the drive home show would jump on this story. You should try calling them.

And BTW....you never finished your thought in your comment on my blog about the new english monthly, Inside Mexico. "on the negative side," you wrote....and then nothing more. Love to hear all constructive criticism. email directly, if you prefer: quade@insidemex.com

Nice to see another Canadian down here writing about interesting stories.

Unknown said...

consider this yoinked.