30 August 2003

£1bn contracts for firm linked to Cheney

I spent the summer interning in the Washington, D.C. bureau of The Daily Telegraph (London) under supervision - if you want to call it that - of correspondents Toby Harnden and David Rennie. Here's something small I wrote that hit Fleet Street on my final day.

£1bn contracts for firm linked to Cheney
By David Agren in Washington
Last Updated: 11:16pm BST 28/08/2003

An oil and construction firm that was headed by Vice-President Dick Cheney until three years ago has been awarded contracts worth more than £1 billion in Iraq and is poised to secure further lucrative deals without being forced to compete with other companies.

The size and scope of the contracts, reported yesterday in The Washington Post, are much greater than previously thought and prompted accusations of preferential treatment for Texas-based Halliburton.

Read the whole - short - thing at the Telegraph's website.