12 August 2006

Pictures from the camp out

I wandered up and down the rather tranquil Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City last Thursday, passing through the camp sites occupied by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's supporters. While not exactly luxurious, most featured televisions, radios, concerts, discussions, arts and crafts areas and plenty of acerbic and witty descriptions of the PAN, IFE, Felipe Calderon, President Vicente Fox, teachers' union president Elba Esther Gordillo and everyone's favorite whipping boy Carlos Salinas. Some of the propaganda descended into extremely poor taste, though - the 29-year-old from Durango dressed in a Klan costume and the swastikas painted over Calderon's photos and PAN logos, for example. Activists taking up other causes - like Israel's military actions in Lebanon - also infiltrated the camps.

Here are some photos from the rather sedate sites.

Imagen 083

Imagen 077

Imagen 085

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