05 April 2007

Always patronize a busy taco stand

Taco de pescado/Fish taco

I eat far too many tacos, although I'm no longer consuming the straight-taco diet I was gorging myself on when first arrived in Mexico. It being Lent, fish tacos are pretty popular these days in most parts of Mexico and the line on Fridays stretches at least 15 deep at Happy Fish, a seafood taco stand in suburban Guadalajara that I like to patronize. For just 12 pesos, Cesar Diaz and his crew serve up fried and battered "La Paz-style" shrimp or fish tacos (octopus was taken off the menu for some reason). Best of all, the condiment stand is loaded with more than 20 options, ranging from coleslaw to thick guacamole.

Even during the non-Lenten period Happy Fish does a brisk business. There's always a line - a good sign for a taco stand since the locals here advise against eating at an empty place. And like a good Mexican, I confess seeing the line outside Happy Fish initially piqued my curiosity. Sure enough, it's both cheap and good. Here's my story on the place for the Herald Mexico: http://www.mexiconews.com.mx/24055.html

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