18 October 2007

"The News" hits the street

After a five-year hiatus, The News reappeared on newsstands across the capital and in select markets around the country. Unfortunately, the web edition has yet to launch, but it is apparently in the works.

I should mention that I now work for The News as a national reporter, meaning I cover the presidency, the chamber of deputies and senate. I also head off into the states to cover things from time to time.

I'll leave critiquing the first day's edition to others, but I would say our product looks pretty good.


Burro Hall said...

Is there an online version for those who don't live in the DF?

David Agren said...

The website: www.thenews.com.mx has yet to be utilized. I'm not sure where the paper is sold outside of Mexico City, although I've been told it's available in Cuernavaca, San Miguel de Allende, Guadalajara, Acapulco, Merida, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.

The website lists a number for making circulation inquiries.

Dave Miller said...

Like others, I'll await the online version.