26 May 2007

Miami Herald Mexico Edition R.I.P.


By joint decision, El Universal and The Miami Herald pulled the plug on The Miami Herald Mexico Edition. The last issue will be released on May 31. The Herald Mexico now joins an illustrious list of English publications in Mexico to go belly up.

This comes as a surprise, but only a slight one. The paper never sold much advertising and El Universal (the Mexican partner in the venture) was seemingly derelict with handling circulation. I've been told that many El Universal employees simply viewed the English paper as more work for no extra money.

El Universal perhaps also lost its taste for risk. It has already let staff go earlier this year. It also recently oversaw failed Spanish-language publishing ventures. Ultimately, though, the company probably never truly understood the expat market niche. A little more entrepreneurial thinking would have helped too.

I contributed to the paper on a regular basis so yes, this hurts, but it won't be fatal to my economic wellbeing.

Other English-language publications exist in the provinces and many appear to be doing well - attracting ads, but often not putting out a quality product.

Inside Mexico recently launched in Mexico City, although it is a monthly, and a new online project will launch soon. (I'll post details when they become public.)

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