20 May 2007

Americanistas turn out in force

I've never especially liked Club America, a Mexico City soccer team owned by the Televisa empire. The side often wins and projects an image of power and status. It comes from the mammoth capital, where much of the country's political and economic power is still concentrated. Club America also fields well-paid imports and controversial figures like Cuauhtemoc Blanco, a prolific goal scorer, but bad teammate, who deserved to be left off of the 2006 World Cup squad.

Due in large part to Televisa's long reach, Club America is popular in virtually every part of Mexico - even in Guadalajara, the home of Chivas, a team that only fields Mexican players.

Here's my take on Club America's popularity in the provinces: http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/miami/24702.html

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Anonymous said...

Interesting perspective, however, I disagree a little in your analysis of Club America supporters. Of course winning is an important factor, but more importantly to some supporters the style of play Club America has attracted millions of supporters.

Club America has an institutional committment to play attractive and beautiful soccer. Club America is also dedicated to internationalism, and globalism, a concept well before its time in Mexico and throughout the world. Even mammoth clubs such as Manchester United never consistantly fielded a kaleidscope of international players.

Historically, Club America has been at the forefront of international football and has a long list of historical international stars. Economic advantages they possess allow them to implement this strategy however, it does attract fans and it does produce a beautiful product.