12 July 2006

The latest conspiracy: bought PRD members


Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador finds an excuse for everything. Just one day after producing a video, which supposedly showed a ballot box being stuffed at polling station 2227 in Salamanca, Guanajuato, the IFE announced that observers representing four parties signed off on the results - including a PRD official. When contacted by Grupo Reforma, the PRD representative, Juliana Barron Vallejo, vouched for the results and told the newspaper chain, "Here, there was no fraud. Everything was clear, everything was transparent."

The video captured a polling-station chief depositing a large number of votes into a ballot box. The footage, however, was shot after the polling station closed. The polling station chief told Grupo Milenio that he was placing marked ballots, which had been improperly put in other places, into the box.

Lopez Obrador refused to back down. Taking a familiar conspiratorial tone, he commented, "Not all of our representatives acted with integrity."

He added that money could have swayed some of his party's representatives.

The comments generated nationwide headlines. Guadalajra's Publico screamed, "AMLO accuses representatives of selling themselves." Mural (published in Guadalajara by Grupo Reforma) countered with, "PRD offers 'proof' ... but the video turns out to be fiction."

This is the typical blame game Lopez Obrador has played for the past six year; it's never his fault, someone's out to get him.

More to come.

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