31 July 2006

Subliminal messages?

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador raised a few more eyebrows last week by alleging several Mexican companies ran ads, containing subliminal messages, that subtly encouraged voters to back the National Action Party (PAN).

The proof: Sabritas, a unit of Pepsi, placed an ad with a character boasting of "clean hands." The PAN campaign coined the expression: "Manos Limpias," and candidate Felipe Calderon would press his hands, palms outward, towards audiences at rallies - an act that inferred he had nothing to hide.

Jumex also caught flack for using a blue background in an ad. (Blue is associated with the PAN.)

More than a few advertisers had fun with the election campaign. A sports balm manufacturer pitched a pain rub with the slogan: "Pinche Madrazo." Roberto Madrazo, a man with a sordid reputation for hardball politics, headed the disastrous PRI campaign. In Spanish, a madrazo is a jolt or bruise. (The word comes from "madre," which signifies a lot of rotten things in Spanish when used colloquially.) Pinche is a cuss word akin to damn.

Perhaps Lopez Obrador should step back from this allegation. It risks making him look foolish.

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Jane Doe said...

A little "history":

Sabritas has been recommending consumers to wash their hands before eating and using the restroom for quite a few years now.

Jumex whose name brand dates from 1964, has always used a shade of blue as part of their corporate image. At the birth of the brand name, Jumex was also known as "the little blue can.

Lopez Obrador is such a schizophrenic, that will se evil almost anywhere.