01 January 2007

Going low-rent at the Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre at the Guadalajara International Bookfair

I finally went back to the Lucha Libre (Mexican professional wrestling) at the Arena Coliseo in Mexico City. While not exactly "high brow" - Mexicans might say "naco" (tacky) - it's unbelievably fun and at times silly. Go with an open mind and pick up a couple 70-peso masks afterwards as they make great souvenirs.

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Anonymous said...

I'm tired of boring new years resolutions and think that I should glorify myself by becoming a luchadora... but I haven't even got to a match yet, so I'll have to live through your tale of it ;)
I love the name of your blog btw, the first class busses rock, but once in a while, we all need a chicken bus. Cheers, Sami